Have you ever thought of controlling your PC using your android ? It’s a great way to interact with programs . You can use your phone as mouse, keyboard operate the PowerPoint/Windows Media Player in your laptop from a distance without sticking to your Laptop.

With the free Remote Link app,  you can control Powerpoint to advance through slides, play and pause embedded audio and video clips, switch to slide thumbnail view, check out speaker notes discreetly on your device and keep any eye on the presentation timer.                 



1. Install ASUS Smart Gesture in your laptop. (Link: http://remotelink.asus.com)

* Your laptop must support Bluetooth.

2. Start the setup wizard.

3. You must restart the system for the configuration changes made to ASUS Smart Gesture to take effect.

(Note: You shall save the editing files before clicking “Yes”.)

4. Run ASUS Smart Gesture and check the option “Enable Remote Link in my PC”.


5. Turn on  Bluetooth of your PC.

【Connect the ZenFone and your laptop via Bluetooth】

1. open “Remote Link”.



2. Select “Bluetooth” and tap “Search device”.


3. Select the Bluetooth device from the options. (Ex: DESKTOP-AGOC1PJ)


4. Tap the Bluetooth device to initialize the Bluetooth connection (Ex: DESKTOP-AGOC1PJ).

Now you can use your Android as Mouse, Keyboard, control Slides ,control Media player tracks.

 【Connect the ZenFone and your laptop via Wi-Fi】

1. Select “Wi-Fi”  and tap “Search device” button -> Select your device name from the options. (Ex: LINDA_LEE-NB)

-> The ZenFone is connected to your laptop via Wi-Fi.

*For Wi-Fi connection, your mobile device and computer must be connected to the same Wi-Fi network.



Remote Link (PC Remote)


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